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The ideal solution for your terrace

Gabions are becoming an increasingly popular solution in the field of garden architecture and exterior designs. Thanks to their versatility, aesthetic appearance and durability, they are an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including terraces.

In this article, we will focus on the advantages and possibilities of using gabions under the terrace and on the terrace.

Advantages of Gabions under the Terrace

1. Stability and Support

Gabion structures provide excellent support and stability for terraces. They are able to carry heavy loads and resist soil movement, providing a solid foundation for your patio.

2. Natural Appearance

By using natural stone or other aesthetic materials, gabions can fit perfectly into the surrounding nature and give your terrace a rustic and elegant look..

3. Protection against Erosion

Gabions effectively protect against soil erosion, which is especially important in sloping areas. They help maintain the stability of the terrain and prevent landslides.

Use of Gabions on the Terrace

gabion walls

1. Decorative Walls and Railings

Gabion walls can be used as decorative elements or terrace railings. They give the space a unique and modern look, while remaining functional and safe.


gabion furniture and accessories

2. Furniture and Accessories

Gabion baskets can be transformed into stylish garden furniture, such as benches, tables or flower pots. The combination of gabions with wood or glass plates will create unique and durable pieces of furniture.


vertical gabion gardens

3. Vertical Gardens

With the help of gabions, you can create vertical gardens on your terrace. Filled with substrate and planted with plants, gabion walls provide space for growing herbs, flowers or even vegetables.


Gabions under Terraces

gabions as a base layer

1. Base Layer

Gabions can be used as a base layer under the terrace. This layer provides excellent drainage, prevents water from collecting and helps maintain the stability of the entire terrace.

stabilization of slopes

2. Stabilization of slopes

If your terrace is located on a slope, gabions can be used to stabilize the terrain. They help prevent landslides and provide a solid foundation for your patio.


Gabions are the ideal choice for those looking for aesthetic, durable and ecological solutions for their terrace. Whether you use them as a background for a terrace, decorative walls or garden furniture, gabions will bring a new dimension to your exterior.

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