Stone for gabion fences and baskets 

Our company has mapped all quarries in the Slovak Republic that offer suitable aggregates for gabions. If you order gabion baskets or fences from the gabion system from us, as a bonus we will gladly recommend quarries in your immediate vicinity, according to the desired fraction and colour. Since the stone directly from the quarry costs approximately €15 per ton, you will save considerable funds from the total investment. Stone is the heart of every gabion. Its choice will affect the entire exterior of the gabion fence, which is why we have collected all the useful advice and recommendations on how to choose the right stone for gabions. Moreover, it is not only about the stone itself, its size, colour or shape, but also about how we will store it in the gabion construction.

Recommended stone size

The mesh size of the gabion nets clearly determines the minimum stone fraction suitable as a filling of the gabion structure. The overall appearance of the fence will affect not only the way we store the stone, but also the ratio of the size of the stone to the mesh of the gabion. We offer 3 types of gabion systems: 1. , 2. Gabion fence Premium and Gabion fence Praktik, where the mesh size is constant 5 x 20 cm. 3. Gabion baskets made of welded nets, which we offer in three mesh sizes 10 x 10cm / 5 x 10cm / 2.5 x 10cm. It is necessary that the size of the stone is larger than the mesh of the net, otherwise it will not be possible to fill the gabion. The generally recommended minimum stone fraction for gabions with a mesh of 5 x 10 cm and 10 x 10 cm is 63-125 mm. With a mesh size of 2.5 x 10 cm, the fraction 32-63mm/63-125mm can be used. The mesh size of 2.5 x 10 cm is mainly used when assembling gabions with loose stone.

OUR TIP: Use larger stones: If you have the opportunity, use larger stones that will cover a larger area. This will reduce the number of stones you have to store as well as the time required to store it.

Mesh sizes of gabion nets

Methods of filling the gabion with stone

There are 2 ways of filling gabions with stone: sprinkling, laying. Sprinkling stone allows you to save a lot of time, but the result tends to be slightly “messy” and untidy. The second method - laying the stone by hand - is a more time-consuming process, but the overall appearance of the gabion filled in this way will be a feast for your eyes forever. We offer gabion baskets in 4 thicknesses - 30/50/70/100cm. Unlike the gabion fence Praktik (in 19 cm) and gabion Premium (in 20-40 cm), the baskets require the use of a larger amount of stone. It is for this reason that we recommend manually stacking your chosen stone from the front side of the fence and filling the rest of the basket volume with stone from the nearest quarry in your area. In this way, costs and time can be saved.

Sprinkling stone - a quick process

gabion fence with brown stone
gabion fence with grey stone

Hand laying the stone - neat result

gabion fence with dark brown stone and wood
gabion fence with hand laying grey stone

The amount of stone needed to fill the gabion

Our many years of experience in the production of gabions have allowed us to create a specific formula, thanks to which we can easily calculate the amount of stone needed for your gabion fence. Amount of stone needed to fill the gabion fence (in tons) = m3 x 1.8 (rounded up)

What to pay attention to when choosing a stone for a gabion

gabion stone with high iron content

A stone with a high iron content will in rare cases cause a reddish coating to wash out of the stone that fills the gabion over time. Many people misinterpret the subsequent discoloration of the wire as corrosion.

gabion stone that changes its structure

A stone that changes its structure due to weather conditions - sandstone / slate. Choosing such an unsuitable stone is the most common cause of gabion deformation.

not suitable stone for gabions

A stone whose fraction is smaller than the mesh of the gabion net (there is a risk of it falling out).

wrong stone for gabion

A stone that has impurities in it (gravel, clay). Due to the influence of rain, the mentioned dirt will be washed away over time, which can cause the destruction of the gabion structure.

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