A gabion fence can be built from 3 types of gabion systems – gabion basketsPremium gabion fences and Praktik gabion fences. You can find what a gabion actually is and what the differences are between the individual types of gabion systems in our blog Gabion - a fence that has no competitor.

Gabion fences - PREMIUM 

construction of gabion fence premium


  • Fence made to measure exactly according to customer requirements.
  • Variability of the fencing’s shape. The possibility of combining a gabion column with a low-rise gabion wall as well as a combination with a wooden filling – TIMBERING. Many variations with the possibility of creating different types of non-traditional fence walls, garden nooks or fencing. Using the fencing PREMIUM, we achieve a unified shape of the gabion fence without any visible fence posts.
  • There is a possibility of incorporating an electricity meter directly into the fencing.
  • Easy and fast assembly. Because it is a modular assembly system using fastening material as part of the fencing, you can suffice with having only basic construction skills. When installing the Premium gabion fence, it is necessary to concretize fence posts into the ground / mounting on a concrete slab. Assembly instruction.
  • The recyclability of the materials used (steel, stone) and their natural feel, which fit nicely in the terrain and do not disturb it, give it an ecological character, thanks to which it can also be used in protected natural areas and national parks.
  • Modern and pleasant appearance of gabions: the latest trends among fences are currently being determined especially by gabions.
  • Fences can be filled with different, commonly available types of stone. In the garden architecture, stone has been a decorative element and belonged to favorite building materials since ancient times.
  • Excellent noise barrier suitable for houses built by main roads, which contributes to the increase in privacy and comfort of living.
  • Its easy disassembly, possibility of later modification, adjustment of shape, change of filling or relocation itself, make gabion fencing a convenient as well as a temporary solution.
  • Maintenance-free nature of gabion system PREMIUM.
  • A lifetime of at least 50 or more years.


Gabion fence PREMIUM consists of 250 cm long panels with variable thickness (from 20 to 40 cm) and variable height (from 40 to 240 cm). (Note: we can only produce a panel length of 250 cm up to a height of 200 cm. For larger panel heights /220 cm and 240 cm/ its length is 250 cm composed of two panels.). The panel of the gabion fence consists of parts that are hot-dip galvanized. The parts are welded from horizontal U-profiles, which are then welded together with the vertical steel rods. The rods are 4 mm in diameter and when welded, they are placed 5 cm apart. The U-profiles are placed 20 cm apart, which then creates a mesh with the size of 20 x 5 cm. This bonding system guarantees much greater strength, which extends the lifetime of the panel. Components of the panel include two stabilizing steel columns, steel spacing bars, and a set of assembly nuts and screws. 


  • Thickness: 20-30-40cm
  • Height: 40-60-80-100-120-140-160-180-200-220-240cm
  • Length: unlimited
  • Mesh size: 5x20cm
  • Surface finish: Hot-dip zinc
  • Color: zinc / anthracite / green / any of the RAL swatches

PRICELIST FOR THE GABION FENCE PREMIUM (in lengths from 2.5 - 30 m)

We will make a premium gabion fence for you exactly according to your requirements. This configurator is used to calculate the approximate price of the simple shape of the Premium gabion fence. We will calculate the exact price for a gabion fence PREMIUM upon your request. In the request, you should include the height and total length of the required fence (simple drawing of its shape) and then send it to our email address shop@gabionylemon.sk and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also call us at our contact telephone numbers and we will be happy to answer your questions.

wholesale pricelist for gabion fence premium


Without assembly and without stone filling.

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The listed prices include complete construction of the gabion fence PREMIUM in lengths from 2.5 m to 30 m (without the assembly and stone filling), including stabilizing steel columns, steel spacing bars, and all assembly nuts and screws. Thickness of the gabion fence within the range from 20 to 40 cm does not affect the final price.


gabion posts
gabion post


* Gabion post contains 1 piece of stabilizing column 6 × 4 cm + tap-in spacing bars + mounts for the stabilizing column.


Height: 40-240cm

Width: 20-40cm

Length: 20-70cm

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The assembly of the fencing system PREMIUM is very easy. Because it is a modular assembly system using fastening material as part of the fencing, you can suffice with having only basic construction skills. For fencing system PREMIUM, the supplied fencing always includes the assembly instructions. You can also find the mentioned assembly instructions here: ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS GABION FENCE PREMIUM. The gabion fence PREMIUM can be filled with any relatively durable material such as quarry stone, pebbles, brick, etc. However, because the gabion fence PREMIUM is self-supporting, it functions as a fence even without the stone filling. The advantage of the fence system PREMIUM is its variability, wide size range, and the ability to combine it with other fencing elements such as TIMBERING or separate fencing panels.

  Assembly instructions PREMIUM

Correct layout of the spacing bars

gabion assembly instruction

Cladding walls with gabion Premium

Variant A

gabion cladding

Variant B

cladding walls with gabion


The incorporation of an electricity meter, gas meter and an entrance gate into gabion fence

The incorporation of an electricity meter, gas meter and an entrance gate

Leeward for garbage bins made of the gabion

Leeward for garbage bins made of the gabion system PREMIUM

Gabion column with a low wall + 2D fence panel

Gabion column with a low wall + filling, PREMIUM fence component

gabion fence with wooden filling timbering

Gabion column with a low wall + wooden filling TIMBERING

Gabion column – filling, PREMIUM fencing component

Gabion column – wooden filling TIMBERING

gabion fence premium and visible fence panels

Gabion Fence PREMIUM – PREMIUM Fence Filling

gabion fence with wood

Gabion Fence PREMIUM – wooden Filling TIMBERING

Gallery of gabion fences Premium


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