The lifetime of gabion nets depends on their surface treatment. The gabion nets that we produce have the highest quality certified GALFAN coating, which is an alloy of zinc and aluminum in a ratio of 95% ZN / 5% AL. The wire manufacturer guaranteed its lifetime to be a minimum of 50 years.

The lifetime of the gabion fences that we produce depends on their surface treatment. Gabion fences are welded from a raw wire, whose surface is consequently treated with a hot-dip galvanization process. The zinc pickup is about 100 microns. In our weather conditions, approximately 2 microns of zinc are disintegrated in 1 year, which assumes a lifetime of the surface treatment to be 50 years before showing signs of rusting.

Since we are the manufacturers, we try to keep gabion networks always in stock. If you decide to pick up the goods in person, we can give it over to you immediately. If the value of your order does not exceed €500, the goods will be sent by a courier within 5 working days. When ordering gabion baskets for over €500, we will provide you with the delivery of goods for free within 10 working days. Doesn't apply to gabion systems PRAKTIK and PREMIUM.

Because the fencing system PREMIUM is manufactured individually (custom-made for each customer) and subsequently hot-dip galvanized in an external galvanizing plant, its delivery time is between 4 and 6 weeks. We try having the fencing system PRAKTIK always in stock and ready for immediate collection.

We recommend preparing the ground under the gabion baskets as follows: First, remove between 30 to 50 cm of the top layer of soil. Then cover the ground with aggregate and consequently firm it up with a vibrating wacker plate (frog compactor). With the ground prepared, we are ready to start the assembly. We also do not exclude the possibility of laying a concrete foundation, however, it unnecessarily increases the price for the entire project.

There are 2 ways to assemble gabion fences Premium and Praktik.

  • 1) Installation of the fence on the already existing concrete foundation using a plate and anchors.
  • 2) Installation of the fence into the ground. Procedure: We dig pits at least 80 cm deep, then concrete posts into them and cover them with a 20 cm thick gravel bed.

*For step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the ground, see our video guide here: https://gabionylemon.com/site/company-videos-youtube-channel

For filling your gabion baskets and fences, we recommend a fraction of stone between 63 and 125 mm. The most suitable is quarry stone from your local surroundings, because the most expensive aspect about buying stone is its delivery. The most suitable stone is one which is not a subject to erosion even after years as well as does not change its shape under the influence of weather. We will be happy to advise you on its selection.

There is no need to pay a deposit when ordering gabion nets and baskets, as we hold them in stock at all times. You only pay for the goods upon delivery.

Because the production of fencing systems PREMIUM is individual and custom-made, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 30% of the total price after receiving the quote and confirming the order. When the order is placed, the fence will be put into production. The remaining part of the price will be paid by the customer upon delivery. If you order the fencing system PRAKTIK you do not pay a deposit because this system consists of 2.5 m modular parts that we always hold in stock.

We leave this decision to customers own consideration. However, we perceive the lid to be an important element because of possible stone removal by passers-by as well as in order to maintain basket's shape in its top part even when fully loaded with stone.

In case of the gabion system PREMIUM we can deliver the upper lid, and we recommend it only to prevent passers-by from removing the stone. In case of the fencing system PRAKTIK the upper lid is not in the offer.

Provided that the assembly has been carried out professionally, the size of the mesh has no effect on the stability of the gabion basket. It is recommended to select the mesh size of 10×5 from the view side of the fence when using a smaller fraction of the stone than 63 -125 mm. This prevents the stone from falling out.

Fencing systems PREMIUM and PRAKTIK can be used as a supporting wall up to a height of not more than 60 cm. For higher supporting walls, you must use a gabion basket system instead, because the load capacity of the fence system is not designed to withhold the pressure of the soil, which the supporting wall is exposed to.

For the overall assembly of the supporting walls made of gabion baskets, we certainly recommend using mounting spirals. We only recommend using C-clips from the view side, purely from an aesthetic point of view, as well as if you want to achieve an undisturbed unified shape of the gabion wall. C-clips can also be used in the case of an overall assembly, however, only in the case of low gabion walls reaching up to a maximum height of 100 cm.

Since the entire fencing system PREMIUM is custom-made for each customer, we can create and incorporate the desired cutout for an electricity meter or a gas meter directly in our production. If you are making the fence from the fencing system PRAKTIK, or from gabion baskets, you can create the cutout by yourself during the assembly using lever pliers (an angle grinder cannot be used). It is recommended to treat the place of cutting with a protective zinc spray.

In this case, we will supply you with stabilization columns embedded on a plate, which you will attach to the concrete base using mounting anchors. In case of the fencing system PRAKTIK and PREMIUM we are the only ones in Slovakia providing this solution.

If you combine individual gabion baskets into unified supporting walls or fences, the baskets are reduced by their common elements (side nets and spirals, top lids) because you never put two nets next to each other. The exact number of nets needed is, of course, listed in each quote we make for you. In this way, you save a considerable amount of money.

Yes. Our brick-and-mortar store and production are located in municipality Nižná in Orava region, on the street Družstevná 849.

Both fencing systems PREMIUM and PRAKTIK can also be made in anthracite and green (powder coating) from the RAL color fan deck.

Yes, however, the production of nets of non-standard sizes is subject to ordering a certain minimum quantity.

Yes, we cooperate with the assembly company, which carries out the assembly process in case of interest.

For fencing systems PREMIUM and PRAKTIK the assembly instructions are always a part of the supplied fence.

You can also find these assembly instructions here: https://gabionylemon.com/site/assembly-instructions

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