Breeding Mesh and Its Role in Cattle Breeding and Fruit Growing

In today's era, when farmers are trying to ensure efficient and sustainable livestock farming and fruit growing, it is important to pay attention to every aspect of agri-food production. One of the key elements that plays a significant role in breeding is breeding mesh. This article will explore the importance of livestock netting and its various roles within livestock farming and fruit growing.


Protection of livestock

Breeding mesh serves as an indispensable means of cattle protection. It creates a secure enclosure that prevents escape and protects animals from dangers such as wild animals and predators. Quality mesh increases the cattle safety and allows breeders to focus on the effective breeding and growth of cattle.

breeding mesh - hens

breeding mesh - rabbits

breeding mesh - cattle

distribution of pastures - cattle

distribution of pastures

Pasture division

Breeding mesh plays a key role in creating separated pastures. This division makes it possible to effectively manage and control the movement of livestock. In addition, it helps minimize digestion and maintains optimal condition of the grass on pastures.

Protection of Orchards

In the field of fruit growing, breeding mesh is equally important. It provides protection against pests and prevents livestock from freely entering the orchards. In this way, damage to fruit trees is minimized and healthy fruit growth is ensured.


Special Meshes for Different Needs

There are many different types of kennels that are adapted to the specific needs of the kennel. From electric meshes to meshes of different densities, breeders have the opportunity to choose the product that best suits their specific requirements. On our website you will also find wire nets of various sizes.

breeding mesh

breeding mesh

Sustainability and Long-Term Investment

Investing in high-quality breeding mesh represents a long-term advantage. The even condition of the mesh minimizes the need for constant repairs and renewal. Sustainable mesh also contributes to environmental goals and the overall sustainability of the agricultural industry. When choosing wire, it is important to consider the specific needs and environment in which the breeding is carried out in order to achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability.

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