How to make an arch from a gabion

We know 3 types of gabions - gabion baskets, gabion Premium fences and gabion Praktik fences. Each type provides different possibilities for creating arches. Come with us to see how to do it!

A - Gabion baskets

We can create an arch from gabion baskets / nets in 2 ways:  

Method 1 - by creating polygons

This method can be done in 2 ways. Either we add small gabion nets into the gaps between the gabion baskets, which we have created by arranging the baskets in a circle to form an arc, or we join the baskets together so that they fit together to form an arc (or we shorten the nets that are to form the inner circle of the arc and join the baskets so arranged to form an arc). This method is easy and can be mastered by any DIYer. 

an arch from a gabion 1an arch from a gabion 2an arch from a gabion 3an arch from a gabion 4an arch from a gabion 5an arch from a gabion 6an arch from a gabion 7an arch from a gabion 8

Method 2 - bending the nets

Manually, in our case with the help of a car wheel, we bend the gabion nets into the desired shape. We recommend bending the nets more than the desired degree and then stretching them to the desired curve. This procedure will ensure that the net does not return to its original 'straight' position. This method is aesthetically pleasing and popular with customers.

an arch from a gabion 9an arch from a gabion 10an arch from a gabion 11an arch from a gabion 12an arch from a gabion 13an arch from a gabion 14an arch from a gabion 15an arch from a gabion 16

B - Premium Gabion fence

With the Premium Gabion system it is also possible to fence a curved plot by creating an n-gon (not by bending it into an arc). If you are interested in a gabion fence that is designed to follow the curve, call us and we will make it to your specifications. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our gabion installation expert: +421 948 629 850

arched gabion fence

gabion fencing built in a curve

gabions arch

C - Gabion fence Praktik

The Praktik gabion system can also be used to fence an arched plot by creating an n-angle (not by bending it into an arch). In practice, it is actually a shortening of the 2d Praktik fence panels, which are located on the inner side of the arch. If you are interested in a gabion fence that is to follow the curve, please do not hesitate to contact our gabion installation expert who will provide you with all the necessary information: +421 948 629 850

gabion arch inspiration

gabion fence Praktik arch

arch made of gabions Praktik


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