Gabion - a fence that has no competitor 

A gabion is a wire structure, composed of steel rods, assembled in the shape of a cube or cuboid. It is used for the construction of modern fences, high-quality retaining walls and for various decorative or functional modifications of gardens. We know 3 types of gabionsgabion baskets, Premium gabion fences, Praktik gabion fences.

What gabions do we know?

Gabion baskets

  • specification: a timeless fence made of gabion baskets without the need for concreting
  • use: suitable as a retaining wall, house fencing and decorating of the garden
  • assembly: a wall/fence made of gabion baskets doesn't need a concrete foundation
  • price: the cheapest type of gabions
  • service life: more than 50 years
  • parameters: thickness 30 - 50 - 100cm, height unlimited, length unlimited
  • material: galfan (95% Zn + 5% Al) 350g/1m2
  • color: zinc

* it can be combined with solid wood (wooden filling of the fence), gabion net, metal panel, hedge...

Gabion fences Premium

  • specification: luxury house fencing made exactly to the customer's measurements without visible columns
  • use: suitable as a house fencing, for decorating the garden
  • assembly: when installing the Premium gabion fence, it is necessary to concrete the pits for the columns into the ground
  • price: higher price class of gabions
  • service life: more than 50 years
  • parameters: thickness 20-30-40cm, height 40-240cm , length unlimited
  • surface treatment: zinc
  • color: zinc/anthracite/green/any of the RAL samples

* can be combined with solid wood, 2D fence panel, metal panel, hedge, gabion post and wall...

Gabion fences Praktik

  • specification: modern fence made of 250 cm long fencing panels with visible modern columns
  • use: suitable as a house fencing, for decorating gardens
  • assembly: when installing the Praktik gabion fence, it is necessary to concrete the pits for the columns into the ground
  • price: middle price class of gabion fence
  • service life: more than 50 years
  • parameters: thickness 19cm, height 43-203cm , length unlimited
  • surface treatment: zinc 
  • color: zinc/anthracite/green/any of the RAL samples

* can be combined with solid wood (wooden fence filling), 2D fence panel, metal panel, hedge

Advantages of gabion fence

We can build a gabion as a continuous modern fence of the same height and thickness or as an interesting house fence with different heights, thicknesses and fillings. The gabion fence can be combined with various elements such as 2D fence panels, solid wood - wood, metal/aluminum infills, hedges and many more. The variant of the gabion column with a low wall is very popular, which can also be combined with wood or other materials. Another plus is that we can incorporate cut-outs for an electricity meter, gas meter or mailbox or lighting directly into the fence.

With gabions, you can perfectly match the style of your house - the color of the facade, stone cladding, window frame - with the color of the fence itself. The gabion fence offers the possibility to choose:

  • a) construction color (anthracite, zinc, brown, green...)
  • b) stone color (white, brown, gray, black...).

You can find everything about choosing stone for gabions here.

The gabion consists of two immortal building materials - steel and stone - thanks to its lifespan reaches at least 50 years (normally 100 years). The wires we use in the production of welded gabion nets and baskets have been tested in highly demanding corrosion tests and their quality is confirmed by TSUS (Technical and Testing Institute of Construction).

You can find more about the certificates and quality of our gabions here.

The gabion fence will take care of itself. Unlike traditional stone fences, your gabion will not fall off, the stone will not peel off, nor will it crack due to frost. You will never have to paint, varnish, sand, or treat it as is the case with wooden fences, and it will not develop mold or runoff like with fences made of concrete blocks.

Among all fence systems (concrete fence, wooden fence, aluminum fence...) the gabion fence will provide you with the best anti-noise and anti-wind barrier. If you live near a busy road, in the lowlands where it is very windy or you want real privacy, gabions are the ideal solution for you. In addition, thanks to their resistance and robustness, they will significantly contribute to the safety and overall protection of the property.

Assembly of gabions is easy and quick. The construction of a fence made of gabion baskets is carried out by a dry process, without the need for concreting, and is therefore possible all year round. Since it is a modular system using connecting material that is part of the fencing, you will also need basic construction knowledge.

You can find everything about the installation of gabions here.

Gabions are perfectly recyclable, have a timeless design and a natural look. Well, it's not just about aesthetics. It is proven that a fence made of concrete burdens the environment by 80% more than a fence made of gabions. Thanks to this ecological character, gabions can also be used in protected landscape areas and National Parks.

"Why my YES for gabion?" - review by customer Erika

I am a seller at LEMON trade, s.r.o. and YES I sell gabion fences. However, this does not mean that I have to have gabions in my own yard.😊 But I have them there and I will tell you why I made this decision.

Our fence is located approx. 1.5m from the main road. Everything that is on the road gets on the fence: water, snow, pebbles, salt... We had no choice but to maintain and renovate the permanent fences, which was time- and financially demanding. Nowadays, when people have little time to devote to family, we wanted to use our free time in a different way than working around the fence.

From my own experience, I can compare 4 types of fencing:

  • Wooden fence: constant painting, sanding, maintenance, replacement of rotten boards, rot, mold... a fence absolutely unsuitable for a main road. Despite the maintenance, the wooden fence did not look nearly as we imagined.
  • Concrete fence from DTs: near the main road with big shocks from trucks, definitely not! After a short time, it started to crack, so we covered it with decorative stone. The decorative stone began to fall off and break under the influence of salting on the main roads.
  • Concrete fence: we also have our unpleasant experiences with this fence. The fence lost its original color after only two years, grew moss, and due to the influence of the environment, spots (like mold) formed on it, which you will never get rid of.
  • GABION FENCE: after our previous experience, we decided to fence the plot with a gabion fence. A functional, aesthetic fence that does not require care or maintenance. Despite the fact that it is only 1.5 m from the main road, it still has the same appearance and shape even after several years. We also have a retaining wall and a raised bed made of gabions in the yard. Positive responses from our friends only confirm us that we made a good decision.

Most customers are deterred from gabions by the price. Of course, they are a little more expensive, but you pay for quality and durability. The good news is that we provide up to 3 price categories of gabions, so even those who cannot afford to spend more than their budget will have a choice. I know from my own experience that in the end, in the long run, a gabion fence will cost you much less than any other fence system, since you build it once and you don't have to change and maintain it every 3 years, and especially thanks to its lifespan of about 50 years. And we can always agree on the price! 😊

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