Practical stone cladding from gabions

Do you not like bare concrete in your garden or on your house? Do you need to cover up its flaws and "warm up" the overall look of your home?

Architects and investors are always looking for new and new ways to beautify our gardens, family homes, industrial buildings and various historical and modern buildings. They are looking for unconventional and mainly unseen materials. They must take into account the aesthetic, ecological and practical aspects. Over time, stone cladding begins to peel off and crack. That's why we came up with a breakthrough solution - Cladding walls with gabion.

What is gabion cladding?

It is a building system composed of two main elements: a fence panel and spacer bars. It works really simply. Anchors are attached to the surface of the concrete wall with spacer bars, on which we then hang the fence panels connected with screws. We place a stone in the gap that will be created between the panel and the wall and it's done.

With this system, you can cover concrete walls, old brick fences or retaining concrete walls. An old and damaged concrete wall will get a modern look that will catch the eye of many a passerby. You can find more about gabion cladding, its technical parameters and installation here.

Advantages of gabion cladding

Ordinary glued stone cladding is very unsuitable, especially for main roads. The increased passage of trucks causes vibrations and subsequent cracking of the concrete wall. This has an adverse effect on the decorative stone, which gradually begins to break. In the winter months, the facing stone often falls off, mainly because of the salt on the roads. Gabion cladding is highly resistant to weather conditions and even to fire. It is stable in color and shape. It is not possible for it to start cracking and also not to start falling off.

The installation of the gabion cladding is a dry process, in which we do not need to use concrete or any glue or sealant. Thanks to this, it is possible to cover a concrete wall with stone at any time of the year and even by yourself, without a master tiler.

A huge advantage of gabion cladding is its maintenance-free nature. You install it once and you don't have to worry about it anymore. Thanks to its durable construction, it can be washed with a sponge. This is a huge advantage, especially if you live in an area where there is a lot of smoke from chimneys, where there are industrial plants nearby or where there is an increased passage of trucks.

The fence panels, which are the basic construction unit of the gabion cladding, are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized wire. This protective layer will protect the structure from corrosion for at least 50 years.

Unlike classic stone cladding, gabion cladding can be filled with other than just cladding stone. An example is cheap quarry stone, the price of which cannot even be compared with the stone used for classic wall coverings. This represents a significantly reduced cost of the overall investment.

In addition to the color of the stone, you can also choose the color of the gabion structure. It is ideal to match the gabion cladding with the shade of the stone in the garden, fence, house or garage door. We offer all shades of the RAL sampler to choose from. Basic zinc, anthracite, brown are most often used.

We make gabion cladding to measure for each customer. You can use gabions on any surface, such as covering an old fence, covering a staircase, covering a terrace, covering the facade of a house, covering a basement, covering a garden house and many others.

The gabion cladding has a modern design and an unobtrusive appearance. It revives any uninteresting concrete wall or brick. Gabions have found their rightful place in modern architecture. If you cover a concrete wall with gabions, you can complement it with a fence, retaining wall and garden decorations using gabion flower pots and raised beds made of gabions. Your house or garden will look modern, timeless, luxurious, ecological, practical and, above all, maintenance-free.

Gabion stone cladding is 100% recyclable. No chemical preparations or glues are required for its assembly and maintenance. Thanks to its lifespan of at least 50 years, it is an economical solution not only for your wallet but also for nature. Research has proven that using a gabion reduces your carbon footprint by up to 80% compared to concrete.

You can find more about gabion cladding here.

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