We provide transportation to any place within Slovakia. We strive to provide the cheapest possible
for our customers as well as to ensure the delivery we offer for the goods purchased from us
is fast.
Even in the case of small orders, we provide the delivery with our own vehicles, where we
charge only a small flat fee for fuel. 

This means that in case of making only a small order, the final price of the goods purchased from us will not be unnecessarily overpriced due to the delivery, even if you live 300 km away from us.


If you order gabion baskets or gabion nets worth more than €500, we will deliver these goods free of
charge throughout whole Slovakia.
(Free shipping does not apply to PREMIUM and PRAKTIK systems).

Because prices are changing rapidly nowadays and are also dependent on crossings through the toll system, route length, etc., the exact price of the required delivery will be calculated based on your particular order. We will then let you know the exact amount via a phone call.

Gabion baskets can also be sent to you cash-on-delivery by a courier company SDS.

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