Two-wing gate – with columns in concrete

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The two-wing gate consists of two gates filled with a Premium fence panel, two columns, four adjustable hinges (opening 180°), two middle lock pins and one gate stopper. The gate is welded from 6×4 cm profiles and the columns are from 8×8 cm profiles. The basic surface treatment of the gate is hot ZINC or powder paint RAL – ANTHRACITE or GREEN. If you are interested in a non-standard size, we can make a gate according to your dimensions.

  • We are REAL manufacturers of gabion structures and gabion fence systems in Slovakia
  • Our production has undergone the Building Testing and Research Institute (TSUS) certification process
  • As manufacturers, we strive to be affordable for every customer
  • From our 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, we have acquired professional experience, knowledge and skills in both sale and production of gabion systems
  • We will provide you with professional and expert ADVICE
  • We have years of experience with the design of supporting gabion walls
  • We will design a 3D visualization of the gabion walls and fences for you
  • We will also be happy to help you with your questions about the assembly
  • We offer you the possibility of obtaining an INDIVIDUAL DISCOUNT based on the quantity ordered
  • When ordering gabion baskets for over €750, we will provide you with the shipping of ordered goods for FREE
  • DAILY DELIVERY of our goods throughout both Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • We have our OWN SHOWROOM where you can view the goods offered
  • We offer you the opportunity to personally come and see our production
  • We will be happy to advise you when choosing the appropriate gabion stone filling according to the size of the stone fraction and color you desire. Additionally, we will recommend a particular quarry near you, where you can buy the stone from.
  • We will also calculate the exact amount of stone needed for your gabion.


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