Gabion fence 2D PRAKTIK

on a plate with a height of 203 cm (green)

Spacing hook 2D: 53pcs

individual 2D panel: 2pcs

column 2D: 2pcs

concrete anchor M8: 8pcs

plate for column 2D: 2pcs

screw M8x25: 6pcs

M8 nut with rubber band: 6pcs

Fencing system PRAKTIK is 250 cm in length and is composed of a self-supporting steel construction.

Column height: 203 cm

Fence length: 250 cm

Fence thickness: 19 cm

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Fencing system PRAKTIK is 250 cm in length and is composed of a self-supporting steel construction. It consists of two separate spot-welded nets with a mesh size of 5 x 20 cm, and two galvanized steel columns. Zinc finish, possibly anthracite or green from the RAL color fan deck. The advantage of the entire gabion system PRAKTIK is its variable height from 43 to 203 cm as well as its constant thickness of 19 cm. A great advantage is also its easy modular assembly when the columns are placed into pre-prepared holes and then reinforced with concrete. Separate welded nets are then hung in the columns embedded in concrete. The columns are designed in a way that welded nets do not need to be additionally reinforced (screwed). The nets of the PRAKTIK fence are interconnected with spacing hooks, which prevent the structure from stretching when filled with stone. Each separate fencing component is 250 cm long. You can create a completed finished fence with your desired length by connecting the individual fencing components together with columns. You can shorten the last fencing component to your desired length using lever pliers. The columns are designed so that they don’t interfere with the overall impression of the fence.

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  • We will be happy to advise you when choosing the appropriate gabion stone filling according to the size of the stone fraction and color you desire. Additionally, we will recommend a particular quarry near you, where you can buy the stone from.
  • We will also calculate the exact amount of stone needed for your gabion.



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