• The advantage of the gabion system 2D PRAKTIK is its variable height from 63 to 203 cm and also its structural thickness of 19 cm.

  • Possibility of incorporating the electricity meter or the gas meter directly into the fencing.

  • Easy and fast assembly, execution is carried out by a dry process, and is therefore possible all year round. Assembly of the fence system 2D PRAKTIK is very simple. Because it is a modular assembly system, you can suffice with having only basic construction skills.

  • Gabion system 2D PRAKTIK provides simple solutions when assembling the fencing in cascades and slopes.

  • Thanks to the 19-cm thickness of fencing 2D PRAKTIK, you use a minimum amount of stone filling.

  • The recyclability of the materials used (steel, stone) and their natural feel, which fit nicely in the terrain and do not disturb it, give it an ecological character, thanks to which it can also be used in protected natural areas (CHKO) and national parks.

  • Modern and pleasant appearance of gabions: the latest trends among fences are currently being determined especially by gabion systems.

  • You have the possibility to choose between various colors of powder coating finish, for instance ANTHRACITE, GREEN, or any other shade from the RAL color fan deck.

  • The fencing 2D PRAKTIK can be filled with different, commonly available types of stone. In the garden architecture, stone has been a decorative element and belonged to favorite building materials since ancient times.

  • Excellent noise barrier suitable for houses built by main roads, which contributes to the increase in privacy and comfort of living. Fence system 2D PRAKTIK absorbs and dampens the noise from busy roads or streets.

  • Its easy disassembly, possibility of later modification, adjustment of shape, change of filling or relocation itself, make gabion fencing a convenient as well as a temporary solution.

  • Maintenance-free nature of gabion system 2D PRAKTIK.

  • Lifetime of the fencing system 2D PRAKTIK is at least 50 or more years.


ZINC coating


ZINC finish + powder coating in ANTHRACITE (RAL 7016) or GREEN (RAL 6005)

We will calculate the exact price for a Gabion fence PRAKTIK upon your request. In the request, you should include the height and total length of the required fence (simple drawing of its shape) and then send it to our email address and we will respond as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also call us at our contact telephone numbers and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Fencing system 2D PRAKTIK is 250 cm in length and is composed of a self-supporting steel construction. It consists of two separate spot-welded nets with a mesh size of 5 x 20 cm, and two galvanized steel columns. Zinc finish, possibly anthracite or green from the RAL color fan deck. The advantage of the entire gabion system 2D PRAKTIK is its variable height from 63 to 203 cm as well as its constant thickness of 19 cm. A great advantage is also its easy modular assembly when the columns are placed into pre-prepared holes and then reinforced with concrete. Separate welded nets are then hung in the columns embedded in concrete. The columns are designed in a way that welded nets do not need to be additionally reinforced (screwed). The nets of the 2D PRAKTIK fence are interconnected with spacing hooks, which prevent the structure from stretching when filled with stone. Each separate fencing component is 250 cm long. You can create a completed finished fence with your desired length by connecting the individual fencing components together with columns. You can shorten the last fencing component to your desired length using lever pliers. The columns are designed so that they don’t interfere with the overall impression of the fence. We have put our years of experience to use when removing problematic areas in fences, such as corners, transitions from fences into bigger or smaller gates, and fence endings.


length of 1 piece of panel 250 cm (possibility of shortening to desired length)
mesh size of welded 2D panel 5 × 20 cm.
columns of 2mm thick profiled sheet metal.
External fence thickness 19 cm.
The minimum height of the fence is 63 cm, the maximum height of the fence is 203 cm.

Surface Finish:

basic surface treatment ZINC
made-to-order ZINC + ANTHRACITE (RAL 7016) or GREEN (RAL 6005) powder coating.

Method of mounting in concrete

Method of mounting on the plate


Assembly spacing hooks are always included in the package when purchasing the fencing system 2D PRAKTIK. For the correct and flawless final appearance of your fencing, it is very important to keep the exact number as well as the regular spacing between the individual hooks in each row. You must use 5 pieces of hooks in each row, except for the top row where you use only 3 pieces.


Assembly of the fence system 2D PRAKTIK is very simple. Because it is a modular assembly system using fastening material as part of the fencing, you can suffice with having only basic construction skills. For fencing system 2D PRAKTIK, the supplied fencing always includes the assembly instructions. You can also find the mentioned assembly instructions here: The fence can be filled with any relatively durable material such as quarry stone, pebbles, brick, etc. However, because the fence is self-supporting, it functions as a fence even without the stone filling.