Certificate of quality and parameters of the wire used in the production of gabion nets

Excellent corrosion protection

In high-demanding corrosion tests, Bezinal wires withstand corrosion 2 to 6 times better and can withstand up to 8 times more in heavily polluted environments when compared to zinc. This is due to a well-formed and dense passive layer made up mainly of aluminum oxides.

Cathodic protection of the wire after cutting off

The zinc alloy also offers cathodic protection on uncoated parts of steel /on cut ends or scratches/. The active surface layer generates an electrical current that averts the onset of corrosion on steel.

Powder coating

Upon customer's request, we can finish the surface of our products with a powder coating in anthracite, green, and white. Powder coating is carried out in a professional certified powder paint shop with which we cooperate for many years.