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years of production and design of gabions

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years of production and design of gabions

You can find our company LEMON trade s.r.o. in a municipality Nižná, located in a beautiful part of northern Slovakia and its region Orava. We belong to some of the first real manufacturers of gabion structures in Slovakia. The company LEMON trade s.r.o. has a rich history. We started our business as early as 1997 under the name Milan Lemon – CLIENT CAR. In 2007, we started the production of gabion nets and gabion baskets. As we have grown and developed steadily, in 2017 we transformed from a natural person into a legal entity LEMON trade, s.r.o. During our time on the market, we have gradually become the leaders in the production of welded gabion systems. With honest and meticulous work, we have become the largest manufacturer of welded gabion systems in Slovakia. In our offer, you can find separate gabion nets as well as complete gabion baskets with all fastening components. With the help of gabions, various landscaping and decorative modifications can be executed in gardens as well as parks in public spaces. Gabions are increasingly finding its use in the modifications and reinforcements of watercourse shores, or slopes around expressways and highways. In 2008, based on the demand of our customers, we started producing gabion fence systems PREMIUM and PRAKTIK, which have gained great popularity when choosing a fencing for one’s house. We have also extended our sales to the surrounding countries (Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria). Our company also engages in a cooperation with prominent customers whose interest in our products is extremely important to us. We are constantly following new modern trends in the production and sale of gabion baskets and fences. We are always trying to move forward, educate our employees, and improve our production. We apply this knowledge and experience to the quality of products, pricing, and speed of goods delivery, in order to meet the needs of our customers as best as we can.

In our shop, you will also find a wide selection of quality natural stone. You can buy natural stone from us in our store located in municipality Nižná in Orava region, or order it on our website http://www.prirodnekamene.sk/.

Work in manufacturing is carried out by our permanent and long-time employees, who have been trained at the highest level. Because we always strive to meet our customers’ needs, we continually improve our services in order to achieve it. Positive feedback from our customers gives us the strength to keep moving forward and evolving in the area of the gabion business. Our employees are always at your disposal and are willing to provide you with professional advice: assessment of statics, development of a 3D design for supporting wall or a gabion fence, assistance in selecting the appropriate fraction of stone, as well as the selection of the nearest quarry in your area.



We are REAL manufacturers of gabion structures and gabion fence systems in Slovakia

Our production has undergone the Building Testing and Research Institute (TSUS) certification process

As manufacturers, we strive to be affordable for every customer

From our 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, we have acquired professional experience, knowledge and skills in both sale and production of gabion systems

We will provide you with professional and expert ADVICE

We have years of experience with the design of supporting gabion walls.

We will design a 3D visualization of the gabion walls and fences for you

We will also be happy to help you with your questions about the assembly

We offer you the possibility of obtaining an INDIVIDUAL DISCOUNT based on the quantity ordered

When ordering gabion baskets for over €500, we will provide you with the shipping of ordered goods for FREE

We have the gabion baskets and nets in stock and they are ready FOR IMMEDIATE ORDER AND DELIVERY

DAILY DELIVERY of our goods throughout both Slovakia and Czech Republic

We have our OWN SHOWROOM where you can view the goods offered

We offer you the opportunity to personally come and see our production

We will be happy to advise you when choosing the appropriate gabion stone filling according to the size of the stone fraction and color you desire. Additionally, we will recommend a particular quarry near you, where you can buy the stone from.

We will also calculate the exact amount of stone needed for your gabion.